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Monday, May 31, 2004

I'm going to keep this blog running for a bit longer and back it up over at the Blogger site I set up the other day. I may switch over entirely just for simplicity's sake later. But I've been distracted this weekend so I haven't had much time to mess with either.

And I need some breakfast now. More distractions.
The Beloved Spousal Unit and I are going to be grandparents. Next January apparently. There's been a ultrasound exam to confirm the circumstance already.

But we're NOT READY! Nevermind if the parents-to-be are ready or not- we're not ready! Yikes! Being grandparents means being old- doesn't it? It does to me.

I am the oldest of my siblings and two of my younger brothers are both grandparents already. I take great pleasure in hassling both of them about being old because they are grandpas and now that bit of smug superiority has been stripped from me. I will have to admit that I too am old, over the hill, just waiting for a chance to spoil my first grand child.

Everyone I know that has access to their grandkids tells me they are great. Spoil them, play with them, then send them home with the parents. I have been teasing the BSU for some time now that we need to buying a DVD player and stocking up on all the cartoon movies that come out just so we would have them when the grandkids came for a visit. I guess I was foretelling just a bit too accurately.

Anyway, congratulations to Son Kye and daughter-in-law Sara, they are the expectant parents. Kye called with the news last night. We're shocked. They are too. A new generation begins.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

this is a test...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

That's all for now

I'm too cranky to figure out how to get all my stuff moved over. So I'm going to the gun range. See you there.

Well, I'm back at Blogger

And I got here without even choosing a template... Wonder what it looks like?